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Light-Weight Hubs

The manufacture of light-weight components by IIDEA Ltd for SHU Racing

Friday the 28th of April saw IIDEA deliver our second batch of components for the SHU Racing 2017 racing car. This second 2017 delivery was a new set of hubs for the car and this year they are manufactured from lower density titanium grade 5 (titanium alloy with an addition of 6% aluminium and 4% vanadium giving increased strength). This grade of titanium alloy offers similar levels of strength to low alloy steels but at around 60% the density.

On high performance vehicles, this reduction in weight for similar strength can see significant improvements in performance. The performance advantage is not just the reduction in weight but also where the weight is reduced. If the un-sprung weight (which is the weight of the suspension system) can be reduced it allows the suspension system to react more quickly to changes in the road. Alternatively, reduction in weight of the vehicle and suspension system allows for smaller and lighter springs and shock absorbers to be used further perpetuating the weight reduction of the vehicle.

You can learn more about SHU Racing from their website, or about the Formula Student Competition from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Formula Student website.

Article Published : 2/5/2017