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Capacity List

We can work with a number of metallic materials from copper & aluminium alloys, alloy & stainless steels through to titanium & nickel alloys for one-off or small batch production right through to complex, multi component assemblies & small batch runs.

Sawing Centres


Horizontal Band Saw

  • Sawing of bar / billet up to 650mm diameter or square steel

  • High strength steel, nickel and titanium alloys

  • Multiple cuts

  • Use weight up to 3000kg

Vertical Band Saw

  • Suitable for cutting plate or breakdown of difficult shaped items

  • Use weight up to 3000kg

Milling Machines

  • Vertical three-axis milling machines

  • Table size starting at 1300mm x 670mm

  • Able to handle product up to a maximum of 1000kg

  • Additional two-axis Nikken adjustable table can be fitted

  • Addition of the table allows full 4-axis, 4+1-axis and 3+2-axis machining


  • Components up to 670mm long 250mm diameter

  • Rings and blanks up to 450mm diameter x 100mm deep

Heat Treatment Capabilities

  • 40 litre volume (300mm x 450mm x 300mm (WDH))

  • Can treat material at a sustained temperature of 1200°C

  • Ideal for heat treatment trials

  • Hardening (Water or Oil Quenching)

  • Tempering

  • Normalizing

  • Annealing

Surface Grinding

  • Precision surface grinding of components up to 200mm x 500mm



  • Significant capability in high-level design skills using engineering and materials expertise to complement our CNC and 3D CAD-CAM manufacturing capabilities



60+ combined years of experience in metals production, processing, testing and application

  • Failure analysis and investigation

  • Materials processing consultancy

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