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Let IIDEA Limited Develop Your New Design or Concept

Precision Engineering Solutions - We have an extensive range of experience in precision machining of metallic materials to help find the solution to your  Engineering requirement, we can get your design off the drawing board & into production!

IIDEA Limited are a precision engineering company located in the heart of the Advanced Manufacturing Park on the border between Sheffield and Rotherham. We specialise in solving engineering problems for our customers using our engineering and design skills. From part or full re-designs, reverse engineering of components or assemblies, adaptations to existing products or development of completely new ones, we are always striving to use our engineering expertise and precision machining skills to further advance the innovative UK based engineering and manufacturing communities.


From unique or one-off components through small batch runs to prototype products, we have applied our proven problem-solving abilities, wide-ranging materials knowledge, and engineering and machining skills to the development of many new innovative products and processes.

We can produce one-off or low volume component or product runs to proving out your new engineered prototype or product. We can offer off-line development of new product lines without you needing to interrupt your valuable production schedules. Let us prove-out your new concept, product or process, help you develop something new or revolutionary without the need for you to lose valuable production time on existing product lines to test out your new ideas or concepts.

Time and time again we have assisted in the development of new ideas, solved manufacturing issues and helped local high-technology engineering companies and designers get their ideas into production. Due to the nature of much of our work which frequently involves patents and confidentiality agreements, we cannot talk about many of the projects we are involved in but a few we can discuss can be found in our projects section where we will continue to add further projects as we are allowed to or the come into the public domain. Don’t wait around for your new idea to become outdated, let’s prove out the concept now!

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