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About IIDEA Limited

At IIDEA Ltd we are passionate about Engineering and Manufacturing, Focused on meeting Customer Goals and Responsive to changing Customer needs.

IIDEA Limited was established in 2011 as a new generation engineering business. We are located at the heart of the Advanced Manufacturing Park community on the Sheffield-Rotherham border in South Yorkshire, UK. We firmly believe in the values of engineering integrity, talent development and meeting customer expectations and we pride ourselves on being community minded, flexible and agile in our approach to problem solving. We are passionate about Engineering and Manufacturing, focused on meeting our Customer's Goals and Responsive to changing Customer needs.


IIDEA Limited


IIDEA Limited is a designer and manufacturer of precision components for application in a range of high-technology sectors including aerospace, energy and power, environmental, motorsport and medical sectors.

​Our metallurgy expertise means we are able to work in a wide range of metal types. We have also developed a significant capability in high-level design skills using engineering and materials expertise to complement our CNC and 3D CAD-CAM manufacturing capabilities.

Machined hydraulic adaptor manufactured by IIDEA Limited as a one-off prototype for product evaluation purposes

IIDEA Limited place a high premium on meeting the needs of our customers, not just in terms of engineering excellence but also in terms of the service we provide to them.


Our engineering team includes several qualified metallurgists, and we are accustomed to helping our customers solve engineering problems and often offer proactive advice where we are able to add value to our customers’ projects.

Capacity List


To find out more about what IIDEA Limited can do to help you and your business please follow this link to our CAPACITY LIST

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