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Tel: 0114 230 0995

Unit 9 Evolution @ the AMP

Whittle Way



S60 5BL

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Contact us to find out more about our company or to work with us as a customer or supplier


We welcome genuine enquiries by email, phone, in person or via the contact form below. We seek to compete on service combined with engineering expertise and we aim to price our services so that they represent great value.

We are able to model your requirements on 3d CAD systems and we pride ourselves on taking on unusual, difficult to make pieces that require the application of an engineering brain or two!

A few helpful reminders:

  • Please be as clear as possible about the nature of your enquiry and if in doubt contact one of our team of design engineers to discuss your requirements before submitting them.

  • If you require estimates or prices for pieces of work we will require a drawing.


We very much look forward to working with you.

Visiting IIDEA Limited

If you are using Sat Nav to find us please use the postcode S60 5TZ which will take you to the AMRC next door to the Advanced Manufacturing Park. Some Sat Navs will not recognise our postcode S60 5BL.

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