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Details of projects demonstrating IIDEA's capabilities in a lead capacity, advisory capacity or in collaboration projects to solve engineering problems can be found below.

IIDEA Ltd have been involved in several interesting projects around innovative science and engineering sectors. Please click on the images below to follow links to each article where you will find a brief outline of the of the involvement IIDEA have had in the development of new components. Through these case studies we hope to demonstrate IIDEA's capabilities in a lead capacity, advisory capacity or collaboration within a project.

SHU Racing Titanium Hubs IIDEA Ltd.JPG

Aircraft grade titanium and aluminium alloys used to manufacture critical suspension components for SHU Racing, the Sheffield Hallam University Student Racing Car Team.

Racing Car Development Parts

Mountain Bike Custom Head Stem Prototype

IIDEA Limited providing design and manufacturing expertise in the development of a new and innovative prototype design for mountain bike racing.

KBR Product Design

Ultra-High Strength Testing Fixtures.JPG

Heavy Duty Testing Fixtures for the testing of ultra-high strength materials.

Heavy Duty Test Fixtures

CNC Machined Racing Car Hubs - IIDEA.JPG

IIDEA Manufacture Components for the Sheffield Hallam University SHU 2016 Student Racing Car Project.

IIDEA Manufacture Components for SHU Racing 2016 Car

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