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Our Team

IIDEA is committed to developing a group of people who pull together as a team to serve our customers, work with our suppliers, and genuinely make a difference through their work.

Engineering businesses are often judged by the equipment they have installed at their premises. We are no different in that respect - we want potential customers and other interested parties to understand that we are a serious business with serious business capabilities.

However, we place a higher premium on our people, knowing that the only way we can excel and succeed is through our people. 


Martin Burnham is the Managing Director of IIDEA Limited

Martin Burnham

Founding Director

David Campbell is a Founding Director of IIDEA Limited

David Campbell

Founding Director

Our Engineers

Tom Burnham is the Business Manager at IIDEA Limited

Operations Director

Tom Burnham

Matthew Sier is the Quality and Technical Sales Manager at IIDEA Limited

Quality & Technical Sales Manager

Matthew Sier

Martin Hoole is the Workshop Supervisor at IIDEA Limited

Workshop Supervisor

Martin Hoole

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