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Sports Engineering

IIDEA Ltd Supporting Elite UK Sports through the production of project prototype components

IIDEA has worked with an elite Olympic sport to engineer components that have been used in applications critical to elite sportspersons' performances. Our customer is appreciative of our technical and collaborative input to problem solving and flexible approach to working alongside them as part of an ongoing development program.

In addition to the above work, we have also ventured into the motorsport arena. We have undertaken manufacture of some development parts intended for safety critical applications and we are also working with Sheffield Hallam Universities SHU Racing Team to develop a range of light-weight components to enhance the performance of their student racing car.

IIDEA sees an opportunity in extending its customer base in the elite sports field, particularly as the city of Sheffield is promotes itself as "The Outdoor City".

In this regard IIDEA are keen to support sports including climbing, ice skating, skiing, sledging, motorsport and cycling. All of these sports utilise equipment that requires precision engineered components of high integrity and performance characteristics, which IIDEA are well placed to provide.

We welcome enquiries to collaborate on projects in these areas.

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