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IIDEA Limited supporting several key UK engineering and high-technology sectors with the enhancement of existing technologies and the development of new ones.

Based at the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) conveniently located in Catcliffe between Sheffield and Rotherham, IIDEA Ltd has customers who operate in many different sectors of engineering and high-technology, some of who are representative of the core elements of the UK engineering manufacturing communities.

The most prevalent sectors where our customers operate are:

We are of course part of a wider supply chain, often supplying to sub-contractors to major engineering projects. We also supply OEMs and, with our attitude towards flexibility and problem solving, often take on 'special projects' of a one-off bespoke nature.

IIDEA Ltd produce components for the Aerospace Engineering Sector

Aerospace Engineering

IIDEA Limited Supporting Aerospace Materials and Machining

Manufacture of components for the Medical and Biomedical Sectors

Medical Applications

IIDEA Limited - helping to develop medical applications for the 21st century

IIDEA Ltd are involved in developing components for the Sports Engineering Sector

Sports Engineering

IIDEA Limited supporting elite UK sports

IIDEA produce machined components for the Power Generation Sector

Energy, Environmental & Power Generation

IIDEA Limited supporting Energy and Environmental Industries

Steam Generator Fittings for the Nuclear Power Sector.jpg

Nuclear Power Sector

IIDEA Ltd supporting nuclear industries

CNC machined components manufactured by IIDEA Ltd

General Engineering

IIDEA Limited supporting General Engineering

IIDEA are involved in the production of components for the Oil & Gas Sector

Oil and Gas

IIDEA engineering supporting the oil and gas sector

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