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Heavy Duty Mechanical Testing Fixtures For SHU

Heavy Duty Testing Fixtures

Following on from the work IIDEA undertook on producing a set of custom hubs for the Sheffield Hallam Universities SHU Racing Team, we were asked to manufacture some more components for SHU’s Department of Engineering and Mathematics. On this occasion, we were asked to manufacture some heavy-duty, high strength clevises and pins for use in materials testing. While the exact nature of the testing hasn’t been disclosed, the parts needed to be able to withstand extremely high loads during the testing of some high strength steel.

Both the clevises and pins were produced from materials capable of reaching very high strength in their final heat treated conditions. Each clevis was finished off with two ultra-hard wearing press-in tool steel bushes which would be in sliding contact with the removable pin. These bushes will give extended life to the clevises by allowing replacement of the parts should they become worn while in service.

The high strength material originally considered for the body of the clevises was not readily available in the bar size required at a price that made economic sense. The team at IIDEA used their knowledge of material properties and component design to home in on a small selection of alternative materials that would give the necessary and appropriate levels of strength, that were more easily sourced in the required dimensions at a price which made sense for the viability of the project.

Suitable material was sourced, sawn as required, machined and heat treated in our 40-litre heat treatment furnace to achieve the required hardness and strength levels for the exacting project requirements. The tool steel bushes were pressed into place, the components assembled to check all items fitted together correctly, another interesting project featuring design, materials knowledge, machining and heat treatment completed and delivered.

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