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General Engineering

IIDEA engineering supporting general engineering applications

IIDEA Limited are involved in a range of high-technology engineering sectors including aerospace, energy and environment, medical, nuclear, oil and gas and sports engineering. In addition to these we also undertake a large proportion of our activities in the general engineering sector.


Using our machining capacity and the skills both learned and developed over many years, IIDEA has taken on a variety of different general engineering challenges where our design, machining and manufacturing capabilities have been utilised.


IIDEA Limited can undertake contracts and projects from machining or manufacture of simple components through to test piece extraction using our range of sawing centres, sourcing of materials, technical and metallurgical consultancy to name a few.

In general engineering terms, we are always interested in talking with customers to establish two-way, long-term working relationships where we can.

IIDEA Limited offer the following services in relation to general engineering and other projects:

  • Design services using the latest generation of Solidworks 3D design programmes for maximum flexibility and integrity

  • Perform one-off or prototype work to enable customers to arrive at proof of concept stage for their own innovation

  • Carry out limited run batch production where millingturninggrindingsawing and lathe work is required - either as a mix of services or as one-off, “stand-alone” services

  • Do large scale cut ups using our extensive sawing capacity and experience

For additional services not included above please see our capacity list page or contact us with a specific requests or requirements.


We always welcome enquiries to collaborate on projects in general engineering as well as our other engineering sectors.

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