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Precision Sawing Services at IIDEA Limited

Precision Sawing of difficult metallic materials is one of the key services offered by IIDEA Limited. We have made significant investment in a wide range of horizontal & vertical band saws (including the largest vertical band saw on the Advanced Manufacturing Park) for cutting nickel & titanium alloys up to 700mm section

IIDEA Limited offer an extensive range of metal sawing services from our production facility on the Advanced Manufacturing Park located between Sheffield and Rotherham. In particular, the precision sawing of difficult metallic materials is one of IIDEA Limited's key activities. We have invested in saws small and large and currently have the largest vertical band saw on the Advanced Manufacturing Park – the Danobat VP 50.50.120. In addition to this saw IIDEA Ltd also have an Everising H-7065HA horizontal band saw capable of cutting material up to 650mm diameter or square in the toughest of materials.

IIDEA’s range of sawing machines means we can quickly and accurately divide material, including using larger saws to cut large pieces of material. The Danobat VP 50.50.120 is an extremely versatile machine with a table to clamp material to which means we are able to cut material at almost any angle. Our machines and expertise mean that we are able to take in large pieces of material up to 3 tonnes and to resize these down to any size required, for example for cutting test pieces from large forgings or components as part of component evaluation exercises for example.

Sawing Centres


Below is a list of the sawing centres at IIDEA Limited.  These machines provide us with a wide range of metal sawing capability.

Danobat CR260AF


The Danobat CR260AF is a modern, twin column automatic bandsaw designed and manufactured to undertake fast and accurate cutting of hard metallic materials.

Danobat VP 50.50.120


The Danobat VP 50.50.120 vertical plate bandsaw is designed to handle a wide variety of materials and applications for the sawing of a range of metallic materials in plate and block form. The Danobat VP 50.50.120 is currently the largest vertical bandsaw located on the Advanced Manufacturing Park and is highly utilised on a diverse range of cutting tasks.

Everising H-7065HA


The Everising H-7065HA is an automatic double column band saw capable of cutting difficult materials such as nickel and titanium alloys in sections up to 650mm diameter or square.

Mega BS400SA


The Mega BS400SA is a heavy duty, semi-automatic hydraulic bandsaw designed for cutting difficult materials up to 400mm diameter or square in materials including stainless steel, nickel and titanium alloys and is ideal for small batch sawing operations.

Please contact us for further assistance.

Precision sawing services Sheffield at the Advanced Manufacturing Park on the Large DANOBAT Vertical Band Saw at the IIDEA Limited
Precision sawing of a large block of 300 series stainless steel prior to further machining operations at IIDEA Limited, Sheffield
Sawing of tough, high temperature nickel based super alloys such as 718, 625 and 725 as well as titanium alloys are one of our specialities at IIDEA Ltd
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