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Tolerance & Surface Finish

IIDEA Limited have an extensive range of high precision machining centres and ancillary equipment geared towards producing the optimum tolerance level and surface surface finish for the given component or assembly application

Surface Finishing Capabilities


IIDEA is able to utilise precision machining techniques and capabilities to ensure tight tolerance, precision surface finish on difficult materials as part of the manufacturing process. Combined with our engineers’ design and manufacturing expertise and our experience with a range of metallic and non-metallic materials, this means that we are able to undertake a large variety of complex precision machine components and assemblies.

IIDEA are able to provide surface marking options in house using our Pryor Cabinet Laser FT150 laser marking and dot-matrix surface marking equipment. This can be utilised for part identification, logos and branding. IIDEA area also able to offer, through a range of industry contacts, additional surface finish options such as anodising and hard facing.

Surface Finishing Machines


IIDEA have invested in a range of high quality machinery which is capable of achieving tight tolerance, high quality surface finish.

For specific finishing purposes IIDEA have an AJAX AJ600H-HD flat-bed surface grinder, with variable speed control, automatic longitudinal and cross feed, and automatic downfeed.

Another recent addition to our capabilities is burnishing, a high-precision tight tolerance surface finish which we are able to apply to cylindrical items such as medium diameter bars and the inside and outside diameters of short tubes and rings.

IIDEA also have a Pryor Cabinet Laser FT150 bench mounted laser engraving machine. Laser engraving (also known as laser etching or laser marking) offers a non-contact form of permanent marking. With a laser marking envelope of 100mm² this machine enables us to provide marking up to this size on any component within the size of the laser marking cabinet.

Tollerance and surface finish can be critical to precision components
Surface finish of specialist parts
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