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Precision Machining in Sheffield with our Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) & Manual Milling Services

Based close to Sheffield in South Yorkshire on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) at Catcliffe, IIDEA Ltd specialise in the precision machining of difficult to work with metallic materials. We conduct machining for several Sheffield based customers from a range of high-technology and industrial sectors. We have made several significant investments in machining capacity at our production unit located on the AMP and have a range of versatile machines suited to an array of milling applications.


This range of machines coupled with extensive experience in the processing of a wide variety of materials allows us to undertake complex and demanding machining tasks from small ‘one-offs’ to complex, multi component assemblies.


IIDEA Ltd currently have two state-of-the-art DOOSAN machining centres, the DNM650 and the Mynx 7500/50 both of which are CNC controlled milling machines. The multi-axis milling capability these machines provide means that we can complete parts with a reduced number or setups and operations.  Parts which traditionally have several operations that require re-positioning can usually be completed in around two operations and positioning set-up’s saving a considerable amount of time.

The machines through their designed-in robustness allow for more accurate and rapid machining of difficult to work with materials such as milling of nickel and titanium alloys in a range grades and heat treated conditions. The rigidity also facilitates the accurate milling of highly complex component requiring the greatest of care.

We are able to service additional capacity through our other milling machine, the manual Ajax milling machine.

Milling Machines


Our milling machines range from a traditional, basic but robust and versatile Ajax manual miller through to CNC controlled 5 axis DOOSAN DMN650 and DOOSAN Mynx 7500/50.

The DOOSAN DNM650 CNC controlled milling machine is a high productivity, vertical three-axis machine with an additional two-axis Nikken adjustable table. The addition of this table allows full 4-axis, 4+1-axis and 3+2-axis machining, broadening the capability yet further. To complement this precision machining capability, this machine is also equipped with a Renishaw on machine system which can perform automated measurement of components without the need for manual intervention.  This feature is particularly useful when undertaking batch runs of parts allowing lights out running. 


The DNM650 comes equipped with a DOOSAN-Fanuc i-series CNC programming system, and with a table size of 1300mm x 670mm, it is able to handle product up to a maximum of 1000kg allowing for large components to be milled to extremely high tolerances.

The DOOSAN Mynx 7500/50 is a second, larger CNC controlled milling machine owned by IIDEA Ltd. This vertical high-durability, high-performance machining centre enables rapid and powerful high-speed cutting and precision machining. It features ultra-high rigidity through a highly stable “C” section design and box-way system for all axes. The large 50 taper tooling and highly variable spindle power aid in the accurate removal of large amounts of material from difficult to work with materials. The high degree of accuracy together with the sturdiness of the machine also make it ideal for machining of delicate, high precision components in more difficult to machine materials.

The AJAX manual milling machine is ideal for high capacity material removal on tough materials such as nickel alloys while maintaining tight tolerances and makes an ideal and complimentary addition to the range of milling machines at IIDEA Ltd.

For detailed specifications of our milling machines and our CNC machining capabilities in the Sheffield and Rotherham region please see our capacity page or contact us directly.

Precision Milling of Titanium IIDEA on the AMP Sheffield
Milling at IIDEA Limited in Sheffield of high-strength nickel-based alloys is one IIDEA Limited's specialities. These super strong, heat and corrosion resistant materials can be more difficult to machine than alloy steels making their machining more time consuming and costly. IIDEA regularly machine this type of metallic material
DOOSAN DNM650 Milling Machine at IIDEA
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