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Energy, Environmental and Power Generation Industries

IIDEA Limited Supporting the Energy and Environmental Industries

As the demand for energy continues to grow so does the desire for ever lower energy cost. These two parameters work together to both enhance and refine current energy generation processes and in the development of new techniques for energy production. Many of these new techniques require a move towards new or novel materials, machining and production techniques. High-strength, high temperature materials can be difficult to machine and require a large amount of skill and patience to achieve the tight tolerances required for components in high-integrity applications.


IIDEA's engineering expertise has been utilised in a number of situations for both the designing and production of components for use in the energy and environmental market. Several of the components and application have been revolutionary but patent sensitive in terms of material, design or process with the skills of IIDEA called upon to solve problems with design or processing of difficult to work materials. Applications include:

  • Off shore wind turbine components

  • On shore wind turbine components

  • Bespoke small bearing casings

  • Unique axle assemblies

  • One-off specialist or development components

We always welcome enquiries for the manufacture of components or for collaboration on projects in these areas. Please get in touch and we will do our best to assist you.

High pressure fittings for use in steam generation for the electrical power generation sector
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