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On Machine Measuring Comes to IIDEA

IIDEA Limited have just purchased a complete, on machine precision measuring system manufactured by UK based Renishaw plc. The system comprises of the OMP40-2 Optical Transmission Probe, the OTS Optical Tool Setter and the OMM Optical Receiver, all of which have been fitted to our DOOSAN DNM650 precision machining centre, which is one of a number of high-precision machining centres at IIDEA Limited. The use of on machine, in process measuring and inspection system will help us to further expand our precision machining capabilities and allow for "lights out” machining runs on certain batch products overnight without the need for manual supervision or intervention.

The OTS Optical Tool Setter checks for drilling tool integrity and wear while the OMP40-2 inspects the workpiece at crucial points during the manufacturing cycle with information gathered by both fed back through the OMM optical receiver to the machines CNC control system. Should the system encounter any deviation from the expected, pre-programmed parameters, the system automatically intervenes to stop machining until a potential problem can be investigated and addressed by the operator.

This represents a tremendous step forward for us as we can run batches of parts, day or night with minimal supervision or intervention by the machine operator who will only need to step in should a problem arise or when the parts are completed and a new batch is to be loaded onto the machine.

Renishaw OMP40-2 Optical Transmission Probe

Renishaw OTS Optical Tool Setter

Renishaw Tool Setter Taking Measurement

Renishaw OMM-2 Optical Receiver

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