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ISO 9001:2015 Maintained for Another Year

Our annual ISO 9001:2015 audit took place last Friday and we are pleased to report we have another clean bill of health for our Quality Management System. The audit looked at our activities during the past twelve months and concluded we are operating within our scope and to our documented Quality System Documentation so can approach the next twelve months operating as we are, always striving to improve ourselves!

Our next annual audit is the big re-certification audit which will look at every aspect of the quality system in detail during the last period and fully examine our systems in order to ensure we are in the right position to keep the business moving forward in the future. From past experience, a very tiring day in store with a lot to do and review in the time available!

ISO 9001:2015 audit passed for another year for IIDEA Limited. We are proud of our Quality System and this was introduced back in 2011 before we undertook any work allowing us to start from a good and solid base
ISO 9001:2015 audit passed for another year for IIDEA Limited

Appropriate accreditation by an approved certification body is an almost essential element of the operation of any business, particularly those undertaking processing of material and manufacturing of components for quality critical industries and applications. We always work in a professional way, and to the highest standards we are capable of, the tools the ISO accreditation add are there to help the business run smoothly, understand what roles and responsibilities we all have and keep us at the forefront of advanced manufacturing in the heart of the Advanced Manufacturing Park.

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