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Testing of Critical Component

When a manufacturer first produces a component for use in a critical application, it is frequently deemed essential to undertake a detailed product evaluation or complex testing program prior to installation and service. Typical sectors would include aerospace, the oil and gas sector, medical or other sector where unexpected component failure would have dire consequences. For components for use in these situations and to fully appreciate the mechanical properties of a manufactured component, there is a need to destroy a component and undertake a complex mechanical testing program.

It is only by testing highly stressed areas from an actual component from a production run that manufacturers and end users can be sure that the components from a particular production batch will have the required strength and anticipated performance characteristics giving confidence in the design and manufacturing route. This concept can be further extended to require that not only is a component form the first batch fully tested, but so are components from each subsequent production batch or a component at a specified interval during the production run for example every 100th component is tested. Part of this involves precision sawing to extract test material from specific locations, frequently the areas of high stress to prove the manufacturing process is successful and that the component possesses the correct mechanical properties (strength) to give the required service life.

This component is cut into numerous pieces to extract test samples to test the integrity of a similar component when placed int service
Complex cutting of a component for first article inspection

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