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2021 SHU Racing Car Components

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

IIDEA Limited are proud to support and continue to sponsor the SHU Racing Team through another season. We have sponsored the SHU Racing Team for several years now and are always happy to meet new members of the team as they continue to build on the work of the teams of years past, to further evolve and develop the car as knowledge and experience gained through their work on the project continues to grow. We have seen the team over the years we have been involved with them develop a truly wonderful and frequently beautiful vehicle.

In 2021, IIDEA Limited manufactured the pedals and pedal box components for the SHU Racing car
SHU Racing 2021 Pedals and Pedal Box Components

This year as part of our sponsorship package we produced the pedal box assembly and pedals for the new car. These are a lovely design and we cannot wait to see them built into the finished car.

Brake Pedal Plate Allows for Brake Bias between the front and rear axels
Brake Pedal Plate Allows for Brake Bias

Accelerator Pedal Mounting Plate
Accelerator Pedal Mounting Plate

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