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SHU-Racing 2022 Launch Event

Last Sunday the 26th of June, we attend the launch event for the SHU Racing, the Formula Student Racing Team from Sheffield Hallam University. As with years past, this event is the first time the car is seen by anyone outside the design and build team. As with each and every year that passes, the car continues to evolve, building on the work of years past.

Unveiling of the SHU-Racing 2022 race car at Sheffield Hallam University
SHU-Racing 2022 Car

The car this year seems to have some very high-tech additions including the first carbon fibre chassis in Yorkshire, paddle shift gear change, centrifugal clutch and titanium exhaust system helping to further reduce the weight. Having first supplied parts to the team in 2016 and been sponsors almost as long, it is interesting to see how each new team evolve the design of the car learning from the work of the team during the past year.

Rear hub machined by IIDEA as part of our sponsorship package with the team

It was also nice to catch up with some managers and team members for years past who attended the event to see like us, how the team continue to develop the car. It will be fantastic to see the vehicle compete against the rest of the teams at the Formula Student event later this month and how next year’s team build further on what will hopefully be a very competitive car.

IIDEA Logo in pride of place on the front wing end plates

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