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Bridgeport VMC600 Vertical Machining Centre added to the IIDEA Portfolio

We have recently added another machine to our ever-growing portfolio of machining centres, this is an excellent Bridgeport VMC600 Vertical Machining Centre. While new to us, the machine is not brand new, but it is only lightly used by its previous owner and following a service and re-commissioning has been found to be in excellent condition. The machine sits in its new home in the corner of the workshop and has already undertaken some simple machining tasks while we await the externally provided training program to commence so we can fully integrate this machine into our workshop and machining offering.

Bridgeport VMC600 Vertical Machining Centre installed and commissioned at IIDEA Limited ready to undertake small component work
Bridgeport VMC600 Vertical Machining Centre at IIDEA Limited

The plan for this machine is to undertake precision machining tasks on smaller components which will in turn free-up our two larger machining centres to concentrate on the heavier and more bulky items which frequently are specified in more difficult materials.

The machine came ready equipped with a Nikken 4th axis which is a massive benefit to us for some of the complex components we are tasked with producing on a day to day basis. We are really looking forward to finding out just what this machine can do following operator training and we are sure this will make a massive difference to our capabilities and capacity to produce complex machined components going forward.

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