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Complex Sawing Program for First Article Inspection of Critical Component

One of the services IIDEA offer related to mechanical testing is component cut up as part of a mechanical testing program or for first article inspection. The reasoning behind the requirement for this type of testing is for the supplier or to prove out the component to the customer or final user prior to usage of the product or acceptance into service. We have undertaken many of these precision sawing programs on behalf of customers over the years as we have capability to saw large sections and large components in order to remove the test coupons from the correct locations within the forging.

Extracting the test material from the correct locations is essential to ensure that the correct and sometimes critical areas of the forging are properly assessed. These can be highly stressed areas with might be subjected to high loads during operation of the component where failure could spell disaster for the operator.

This is an important concept and gives reassurance to the purchaser that the new supplier has a production route that produces forgings that are fit for purpose or that a new component will have the necessary properties once in service.

IIDEA Ltd undertake numerous component evaluations on behalf of similar customers requiring extraction of test material from precise, predetermined locations.

Many of the jobs we receive for sawing require multiple test pieces to be removed from predetermined positions within the finished component and all need identifying back to their original location
Test piece "blanks" removed from a forging

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