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DOOSAN Mynx Training Begins

Operator training on our new DOOSAN Mynx began today. Although much larger than any other machine we have at IIDEA to date, the control system on this new machine at least is similar in layout and function to our existing the DOOSAN DNM 650 machining centre. The control system and the overall look and purpose of the new machine is about where the similarities between the two machines end.

The Same But BIGGER!

The new DOOSAN Mynx is physically a much larger, considerably heavier and more robust CNC machining centre than the existing DNM 650 and allows for more rapid and accurate milling of a large range of metallic materials. The new machine really comes into its own when machining very hard or tough materials such as nickel and titanium-based alloys which require more power to remove the material as well as a more robust and rigid machine to hold onto the workpiece. We already have a number of jobs which will transfer across to this machine freeing up capacity on the DNM 650. It will be fascinating to see exactly how versatile this new machine will be and what new avenues it will open up as well as how it will free additional capacity on the rest of the fleet for smaller, more intricate components.

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