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Heat Treatment of Critical Components

Part of our range of capabilities is small scale heat treatment. We mainly use this for the treatment of our own material as part of the production process. Having this capability in house allows us to control the process to our liking as well as being able to undertake this part of the process when it is needed which in turn helps us speed up the process and achieve a better delivery lead-time to our customers.

Here we are treating some mission critical components which are undergoing precision heat treatment operations in order to develop the optimum mechanical properties required in the finished components.

In addition to undertaking heat treatment as part of the manufacturing process, we are also able to offer this service on small components to our customers as a stand-alone service. For more help or information on our heat treatment capabilities or our machining or manufacturing services please get in touch through our contact page or give us a call on 0114 230 0995.

At IIDEA we have inhouse heat treatment for small machined components bringing control over quality and time scale under our control
Heat Treatment of Critical Components

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