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IIDEA - Working with Graduate Engineers

IIDEA Limited employs engineering graduates as part of our expansion activities in the advanced precision engineering sector. We have a longstanding and deep-rooted relationship with local Universities with over half our employees being graduates of Sheffield Hallam University School of Engineering. IIDEA Ltd have for some years been able to offer work placements during summer, out of term times as well as for third year students on a yearlong, industry-based placement.

We currently have one such student employed at IIDEA Ltd on a “year in industry” as part of a full-time engineering degree at Sheffield Hallam University. We also welcome back one student following completion of his final year of academic study at Sheffield Hallam. He joins two other recent graduates (academic year ending in 2014) from Sheffield Hallam, Mike and Ben who both studied Forensic Engineering Degrees. Both students undertook final year projects based on work-streams they were involved in at IIDEA Ltd as part of their placement activities, illustrating the benefits of this type of course structure.

The benefits to students working at IIDEA Ltd is to give them relevant work experience in machining, manufacturing and design whilst also allowing them to take on responsibilities which they would not acquire through academic studies alone. Additionally, students on placements at IIDEA Ltd gain first-hand knowledge of materials processing and performance issues which have on several occasions provided ideas for final year projects.

By gaining valuable work experience at IIDEA students have the ability to get hands on work experience, break into the industry and learn whilst on the job. IIDEA Ltd give graduate students the ability to perform higher roles within the company such as business administration that would not always be possible at alternative companies or through academic study alone giving students a broader understanding about the environment, they will ultimately work in.

Graduate Engineer Ben Wilson joined IIDEA in 2014 following completion of his degree from Sheffield Hallam University
Graduate Engineer Ben Wilson joined IIDEA in 2014

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