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IIDEA Manufacture Ti-Damp® Isolation Feet

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

IIDEA Limited are proud to announce we are partnering with a Sheffield based design company to manufacture Ti-Damp® isolation feet. We will be manufacturing these high-end audiophile hi-fi isolation feet for use in premium audio systems. Two different designs of the isolation feet have been produced to isolate both speakers and hi-fi separates reducing vibration re-entering the system and also preventing unwanted noise transmission through speakers and back into the floor.

Ti-Damp are a Sheffield based design company creating designs for the high-end audiophile market
Ti-Damp vibration reducing Hi-Fi isolation feet

The feet have been designed by Sheffield based Ti-Damp® and are being manufactured by IIDEA limited from a titanium alloy which is well known for its almost unique vibration absorption characteristics.

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