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Uplifting Experience!

There are always routine maintenance jobs that need doing when you have a busy machine shop to run. Some of these jobs can get put off for quite a long time indeed until the ideal window of opportunity presents itself to allow the task to be undertaken! One such item was actually an improvement to the way one of our saws operates, this involved raising the height of our Mega 400 to a better and more sensible working height to provide for less strain on the backs of our operators.

On an unusually quiet Friday afternoon last week, the time seemed right to crack-on with the task and raise not one but two of our machines to a more suitable working height.

Like many similar machines, both these were originally designed to be mounted onto concrete blocks at the ideal height to suit the operator and the environment into which the machine is placed. As we don’t use concrete blocks due to the inflexibility and removal of the potential to re-arrange the machine shop at a future date, we used sawn lengths of 10” RSJ’s with the machine bolted directly to these. This gives a flexible approach should moving of the machines be needed in the future while at the same time gives the required working height with much less back pain!

To learn more about the sawing services we offer please see or see our precision sawing page.

two of our bandsaws have been raised to a convenient and comfortable working height with the aid of some old sections of RSJ
Saw raised to a convenient working height

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