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New MEGA BS400 Bandsaw Coming Soon

IIDEA are expectantly awaiting the arrival of our newest piece of equipment, a brand spanking new MEGA BS-400-SA horizontal bandsaw. This new saw will complement the already extensive range of precision cutting equipment on-site at IIDEA and replaces the previous machine (shown below) which sadly broke down and was deemed beyond economic repair earlier this year. This previous saw was a terrific machine, simple, fast and accurate and above all was an excellent used purchase at the price! It has served us well and undertaken numerous complicated sawing tasks and has held up remarkably particularly considering it wasn't in its first flush of youth when we purchased it. We liked it so much that when it was decided not to repair it we immediately bought a brand new version to replace it. We all hope the new saw will perform as well as the one it replaces and will give as many years reliable service in our fast turnaround, accurate cutting facility.

Our old MEGA 400 bandsaw suffered a catastrophic gearbox failure and proved to be beyond economic repair and is being replaced by the new version
Previous MEGA 400 series bandsaw to be replaced by the new version

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