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New Mega BS400SA is here!

Today IIDEA took delivery of our brand spanking new MEGA 400-SA band saw which will provide additional capacity and further enhance our sawing capabilities. After what has seemed like an age, the new scissor action band saw has finally arrived and we cannot wait to start putting it to work. This new saw replaces our previous, much older version which had sadly reached the end of its life earlier this year. This new and updated version has many new features and will further enhance IIDEA's cutting capability in some of the most difficult nickel and titanium alloys.

In addition to the extra cutting capacity, this saw allows extra flexibility in terms of component geometry by allowing for awkward shaped items to be slid under the blade rather than having to threaded through between the columns, the bed and the blade. We are looking forward to getting this saw up and running and seeing what it can do, as it becomes, like its predecessor, an integral part of our extensive line of cutting machines, more to follow...

Mega 400 saw arrives at IIDEA. This saw replaces our previous mega 400 which was beyond repair. These are a brilliant piece of equipment with tremendous versatility through the scissor action allowing large components to be threaded through.
Mega 400 arrives at IIDEA Ltd

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