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SHU Racing Team Compete at Silverstone

As sponsors of the Sheffield Hallam University - SHU Racing Team for the past couple of years it was again a massive privilege to be invited down to Silverstone to see the team compete in the annual Formula Student competition. The team continue each year to evolve and develop the car each year making incremental improvements to both mechanical design and aesthetics, building on the work of teams past. The car this year was unveiled in June at Sheffield Hallam University and is simply beautiful, it must have been one of the best-looking cars at the event. It is amazing to see just how much has been achieved by the team in the last few months since Tom and Matt visited the university late last year to see the outline plans for this car.

It is wonderful to see the titanium hubs, aluminium suspension uprights and suspension rockers designed by the students that we have manufactured for them finally installed on the finished vehicle as it works its way through scrutineering and onto the dynamic events and finally to the endurance part of the competition and gives us a massive feeling of pride to be part of such a wonderful project.

A massive congratulations to the team for all their hard work, they have overcome many obstacles thrown in their path out of the blue, and come out at the end with a car that not only looks like it means business but completed all the trials set before them at the event for the first time ever, something to be really proud of and something we are more than happy to support!

The driver and team await the off for a practice with the car prior to the timed events
SHU Racing 2018 Entry to the Formula Student Competition

The SHU Racing car passed all pre-race scrutineering activities and was give the green light to compete in the activities over the weekend.
All Pre-Race Scrutineering Activities Passed

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