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IIDEA Ltd Capacity Page

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

At long last we have found time to add a new, and much overdue page to our website which summarises the continually expanding range of machining capabilities and other services we offer here at IIDEA Limited.

The page details both our current equipment portfolio as well as the engineering based services we have available to our customers. This includes details of our existing design, machining, sawing and consultancy services. We will continue to expanded this page as we continue to grow as a business and bring in further equipment and capabilities.

When we started out in 2011, we had one saw and a CNC lathe. As the business has grown, we have increased our offering through the growing range of machines.

We now have over a dozen (mainly CNC) machines to allow us to machine a large range of components from the very small through to machines capable of machining some sizeable pieces.

For our metal sawing offering, we have a range of saws allowing us to saw the full range of metallic materials from basic carbon steels through to high-strength nickel and titanium alloys up to 700mm in cross-section.

For details or our capacities and capabilities please see our Capacity Page

New page on our website detailing our companies capabilities
IIDEA have a range of machining and sawing capabilities

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