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Small is Beautiful!

Here at IIDEA Limited based in the heart of the Advanced Manufacturing Community in South Yorkshire, we are regularly called upon to manufacture components from right across the size range (at least within the size range capabilities at of our machines!).

We have over the past few years purchased an extensive range of precision CNC machining centres and lathes all carefully chosen to allow us to expand the size range offering and diversity our machining services. This expanding machinery fleet enables us to undertake the increasingly complex machining needs of our wide customer base helping them to meet their goals.

We work across the full range of metallic materials from the lightweight aluminium and titanium alloys through nickel alloys and stainless steels as well as the more regularly encountered low alloy and alloy steels which are the backbone of engineering applications large and small.

Three components made in an aluminium alloy illustrate quite well that we are happy to make items to the smaller end of the component size range
Small aluminium machined components

The components seen above are three from a batch of twelve made from an aluminium alloy and illustrate quite well that we are happy, and more than capable of making items to the smaller end of the component scale requirements. These are by no means the smallest items we have made though, keep an eye open for a future post on some even smaller, precision machined components manufactured recently.

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