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SHU Racing 2017 Launch Event

IIDEA Ltd recently attend the SHU Racing 2017 Launch Event at Sheffield Hallam University. We are immensely proud to sponsor SHU Racing, the Sheffield Hallam University Student Racing Team again for the second year in a row, and to be part of such a fantastic and worthy project.

The 2017 car is a beautiful piece of engineering, the time that has gone into ensuring that every detail is correct is amazing, the car is truly something to behold and the whole team should be very proud of their creation, if it goes as well as it looks it will do very well indeed!

IIDEA have supplied and modified several parts on this as well as last year’s car. The components we have supplied include titanium hubs and aluminium uprights / hub carriers. IIDEA have really enjoyed being part of this project. It is fantastic to see the IIDEA logo in pride of place on the nose of this year’s car and we hope our collaboration with SHU Racing will continue for many years to come.

IIDEA Invited to the SHU Racing Launch Event in 2017
IIDEA Invited to the SHU Racing Launch Event in 2017

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