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SHU Racing 2019 Hubs Delivered

As part of our ongoing sponsorship of the Sheffield Hallam University Student Racing Team (SHU Racing), we have again this year manufactured and delivered light-weight hubs for their 2019 vehicle. As with the previous couple of years we have precision machined these hubs from "aircraft grade" titanium alloy 6Al-4V (titanium with alloying additions of 6% aluminium and 4% vanadium) which gives the alloy much greater strength compared to the straight "commercially pure" grades of titanium. We will be following up next month with some light weight aluminium wishbone ends for use on the car.

The design work for the hubs is done by the students within the SHU Racing team. This further builds on the design work and success of previous team endeavours as each year the design is evolved and refined a little further. We provide some guidance in making the manufacturing of these components more practical and achievable, but other than this, it is a design produced by the students using their know-how and skills on the design software at hand. As well as supplying the material for these hubs we provide our precision machining skills to get the final design from an electronic data file into a fully functioning component part of the racing car.

As with every year we have sponsored the SHU-Racing team, we look forward to seeing the car in action at Silverstone later in the summer.

An example of our precision machining skills IIDEA manufactured these hubs for the SHU Racing 2019 entry into the Formula Student  Championships at Silverstone in the UK
SHU Racing 2019 Hubs Precision Machined by IIDEA Ltd

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