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Wishbone Ends for SHU Racing

Today we delivered the latest in a long line of precision machined components to the Sheffield Hallam University Student Racing Team (SHU Racing). The components are wishbone ends manufactured from aircraft grade, ultra-high strength aluminium alloy grade 7075 and are a completely new component for us this year. They make the critical connection between the carbon fibre suspension arm tubes, the aluminium uprights which hold the wheel bearings and the wheel hubs (also manufactured by us) and the spring / damper assembly on the car.

These components together with those manufactured within the racing team and from other suppliers from different sectors will all be assembled onto the 2019 entry car to the Formula student event at Silverstone later this year. We are really excited to see how the new car looks when we get to see it completed and ready to race at the launch event later this year. The sophistication of design and the thought that goes into evolving the car and building on the work from the team who have gone before continues to impress us as the years roll by!

Four aluminium wishbone ends for the 2019 SHU Racing formula student event entry
Wishbone ends just requiring final polishing

The previous seasons wishbone ends were glued onto the wishbone struts but this didn't prove completely successful mainly from a aesthetic point of view as excess glue seeping out from the joint spoiled the look of the component. This year the ends will be fitted into the threaded holes which should reduce the amount of glue needed and will hopefully reduce the risk of glue spoiling the overall look of the suspension system.

Super light weight wishbone ends for the 2019 Sheffield Hallam University Student Racing car
Threaded holes ready for the carbon fibre tubes

The finished wishbone ends being bonded in place are shown on the SHU Racing website news update from May 3rd.

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