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SHU Racing Hubs and Uprights Delivered

We continue our sponsorship and support of the SHU Racing Team in 2018 with delivery of the latest set of components for this season’s car. We have manufactured both hubs and suspension uprights for the team’s entry to the International Student Racing Event at Silverstone in 2018.

As with the hubs supplied last year, these hubs are again manufactured from aircraft grade titanium grade 5 (6% aluminium, 4% vanadium) alloy. The team envisage a considerable weight saving following the refining of the design of the components from last year’s car and hope to gain an advantage from the increased "lightness" through the use of the new high-strength, low density materials will bring, particularly to the unsprung weight of the suspension components.

In addition to the hubs, the redesigned suspension uprights are again an evolution of last year's design and are manufactured from high strength “aircraft grade” aluminium alloy and provide strength and lightness where it is needed. The design is again an evolution of the previous years components with the design refined to provide better functionality as well as improved appearance. It is wonderful to see how the team builds on the hard work of the previous efforts to keep the design moving forward.

We still have some further parts to supply in the form of suspension rockers which form the connection and pivot between the suspension damper and the suspension pushrod. These are a new component for us this year and we hope to be delivering these in the next few days.

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